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Snowflakes Are All Around Us


Five five five five five
She dipped the metal plate into the water, still holding it by the cloth. I watched, mezmerized, as the water started to bubble when the metal touched its surface.
The water bubbled hot and fierce; I could feel the heat of the water from where I sat, could see the water boil as the metal kissed the waters surface.
"What is that?" I whispered.
Meleshka nodded and pulled the plate free. "You see? You see this too?"
I nodded. "What is that?" I asked again.
"This," she said, wrapping the plate in cloth again. "is our omen of warning."
We sat in silence for a moment longer. I lit a cigarette, remembering Vanessa's words about Symbolism. I cursed myself for not emailng Harold Kowalski when I had the chance. Maybe he could have told me something?
"Meleshka," I said. "I think it's time you tell me where you found that plate."