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Wishes and Dreams
Sunflower Power


Sunflowers are like Inspiration.  Defying all odds, they will grow anywhere and reach towards the sky, strong and proud. 
They are like lights in the darkness, glimpses of sunshine in the greyness of sky, blips of happiness that mark the ground with their yellow happiness. :)
Whenever you're feeling a little down or blue, click on over here. There are plenty of Sunflowers here to boost your spirits. 
This small book gives you the tools you need to feel inspired and to find that spark of creativity that will help you find your voice.
It also has affirmations and meditations so that you can relax your mind and let your voice speak true. Sometimes, writers block can descend on a writer; that's when relaxation can help.
Here is hoping that this small book on the beauty of Sunflowers will help you find beauty in your own writing.
Jamieson Wolf