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The Ghost Mirror

The Novel

The Novel
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The Ghost Mirror
~ A Dark Tale ~
What would happen if you could pass through a mirror into another reality much like our own? This is exactly what happens to Mave Mallory after she finds a mirror in her Grandmother's attic.
After living a life of neglect with her parents, Mave goes to live with her Grandmother, Mona. Her parents are afraid of her, choose not to understand her. With her black eyes and her flaming red hair, her parents wonder if Mave has really been sired by someone darker than themselves.
Mave is also able to talk to Ghosts and can sense things that others can't. Mave wonders if this is because she is a Witch; she asks her Grandmother if she is and her Grandmother replies: "There is power inside you, Mave Mallory. All you have to do is use it."
Mave finds a gold framed mirror in her Grandmother's attic and Mona warns her about it.

....destiny lies inside of glass...