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Wishes and Dreams
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Wishes and Dreams
Sunflower Power


Wishes And Dreams....
There are times in our lives where we wish and wish for our dreams to come true. These times can be tough, they can be hard, but when the wishes come, it's as if it was always possible and we wonder how we could of doubted ourselves...
Sometimes in life, we loose sight of our dreams. Here are a few ways to get them back in sight and within our reach...
* Every morning, light a green candle and think of the stems of a Sunflower, how they have sprouted from the ground and reached towards the sky. Think of the sunflower root like a connection to the earth.
*Every evening, before you go to sleep, say your wish and hold and image of it in your mind. Your sleep should be restful.  A little hope always goes a long way.
Remember to hold your dreams close